Becoming your experienced local team for the purpose of:
  • Advising and following up on upcoming and present tenders, contracts and projects.
  • Providing market and sector intelligence, handling logistical arrangements such as transporting and security.
  • Make presentations to key decision makers and local businesses of the products offered by your company.
Providing Legal services and consultation:
  • Formation and registration of subsidiary companies and branches.
  • Advice on local laws and customs affecting contracts.
  • Contract drafting and negotiation support.
  • Advice on company laws, taxation, social security, labor and constitutional issues.
  • Advice on the benefits available under currently and recently enacted investment laws applicable.
  • Dispute resolution advice.
Consulting services to meet requirements:
  • Obtain visas and arranging visit accommodations.
  • Transport/shipping to and from Libya.
  • Security and transportation inside Libya.
  • Assist with marketing and media campaigns.
  • Introduce business plans.
  • Recruitment of professional and support staff when required.
  • Office accommodation.

We are on site monitoring daily progress and updates of current tenders and upcoming infrastructure projects. In addition our above services, Royal Express’s advantage can meet any service requirement not listed above that your company may necessitate.